Show Choirs Place in Top 3 at Dekalb High School

By Laura Reynolds | Reporter 

The show choirs traveled to Northern Indiana to compete in the Dekalb Show Choir Invitational this past weekend, Feb. 12 through Feb. 13.

Members of the all-girls group, Avon Attraction, said it was an “amazing experience” after placing third out of 11 groups on Saturday.

“We killed it and left it all on the stage,” sophomore Madelynne Hunter said. “I can’t wait to rock our next performance!”

Accents, the mixed-gender show choir, placed second after making it to finals. The seniors said this was an unexpected experience, since the competition was set up in an unconventional way.

At Dekalb’s county high school, the competition was set up in a way that made it difficult for many people to understand. Unisex groups did not get the opportunity to have a second chance to perform at finals because finals didn’t exist for them. Competitors said this is something that very rarely happens.

“It was a great experience, although very unexpected,” senior Keaton Bailey, a member of Accents, said.

Bailey said he wished the members of Avon Attraction could have stayed to watch, though he was happy with his group’s chance to continue competing.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Friday and Saturday any other way,” Bailey.

Members of both Attraction and Accents said it was a touching weekend filled with prayers and deep conversations. Seniors Sarah Mugumya and Abby Simmon gave all their glory to God for these accomplishments.

“It didn’t matter who was watching or how loud they were cheering,” Simmon said. “We let go and let God and only needed each other and the energy we made. And Tiffany Trusnik in the bleachers.”



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