Language Clubs Offer ‘Global Goodies’

By Gabby Cress | Managing Editor 

Language clubs joined forces on March 9 in an event called Global Goodies to celebrate the diverse array of food that their cultures have to offer.

Club members made desserts from varying countries, including Mexico, Japan and Germany, and shared them in the ALC cafeteria from 3-4 p.m. Though the event seemed new to most, this was actually not the first time Global Goodies has been offered at Avon.

“We did this many years ago, over 12 years,” Ms. Lisa Richardson, German teacher and German Club sponsor, said. β€œIt was very popular so we will probably do it a little bigger next year now that we know people are interested in doing it.”

Some of the language club officers worked together to help organize the event by doing things such as making posters, putting them around the school and organizing sign-up sheets, including senior Leah Ashebir who is involved in German club.

“I think it’s fun, we had a very good turnout, this is a lot more people than I expected,” Ashebir said. “I think it really brings us together. Pretty much if you’re in the same language, you know each other for four years so you don’t try to get out of that, but this helps you to reach out a little more within the languages.”

Teachers also put up sign-up sheets in their classrooms, advertised the event over the Early Bird announcements and spoke about the event in their classrooms.

“I think it’s cool because you get to see multiple cultures come together and create a giant language family in our school. These events are fun because all the cultures are together, which is kind of rare and the food is definitely something people can bond over,” junior Alexander Boehme-Mason, who is a part of German Club, said.

The idea of continuing Global Goodies into next year has been highly considered by the language teachers, as well as hopeful students who want this event to be offered again.

“It helps them to learn not only about their own culture and the foods of their own language, but it helps [them] to learn about other cultures. We try to do that as much as possible because it’s not just about our language, it’s about being a citizen of the world,” Richardson said.


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