The Echo Ranks Avon’s Favorite Anime

By Lauren Crosier | Reporter 

The word “anime” can evoke many different reactions. For some, it’s nothing more than big-eyed characters and subtitled English. But for fans, they’ll undoubtedly think of their favorite characters and shows. Or maybe they’ll think of Pokémon, which in February announced the release of a new game called Sun and Moon later this year. Not to mention their upcoming augmented reality game, Pokémon Go! also to be released later this year.

Though it’s not entirely mainstream, anime has plenty of fans at Avon. At the Japanese/Anime Club’s bi-weekly meetings, there are approximately 30 to 50 students in attendance. The club, unofficially, boasts 70 members.

Whether you’re a fan or simply interested in checking it out for the first time, below you’ll find a list of 10 of the best anime of all time as well as comments from Avon students on each selection. If you agree with, or disagree with anything on this list be sure to sound off in the comments.

10. One Punch Man

One Punch Man started out online as a manga with a great story, but had art so bad it quickly turned into a meme. A manga artist named Yusuke Murata saw the potential of the story and recreated the art. One Punch Man was so popular that it reached 7.9 million views in June of 2012, only 3 years after its initial creation. This anime is full of unique characters and a thrilling plot. Plus the main character, Saitama, looks like an adorable hardboiled egg.

“I enjoy One Punch Man because of its tongue in cheek humor, use of irony, and easy to follow storyline. It is a good anime because it consciously makes fun of the more popular animes where the main character becomes more powerful than is realistic, gaining abilities in the knick of time and things like that.” Trenity Brey, 12

9. Haikyuu!

Nice receive! Don’t mind, don’t mind! I think I’m an expert on volleyball terminology after watching this. My mom didn’t raise me to be sports anime trash, but here I am. Haikyuu is one of the most heart wrenching anime I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even sad. It focuses on individual teammates, has beautiful character development, and makes you question what team you’re rooting for. However, this anime isn’t only about the volleyball, but it also focuses on stress, schoolwork, friends graduating, and other topics you might be able to relate to.

“Haikyuu is a great show because it’s always fast-paced, because it’s a sports shonen [action] anime and being centric around the impulsive and high speed sport which is volleyball! The main characters are always working hard to improve in their serves, quicks and digs, and the hard work they put into something they truly love really resonates with me. I guess you can say that Haikyuu was the reason I got interested in starting our own volleyball team in Avon too.” Jarrod Zeigler, 12

8. Bleach

No, not the household cleaning product. This anime deals with three worlds; the world of the living, the world of the dead, and the world of the reapers. Ichigo Kurosaki is just an average high school student who can actually see and talk to ghosts, just usual high school kid things. One day he finds a giant terrifying monster roaming around the city, strange thing is (because nothing about a high school kid talking to ghosts is strange) no one else can see, hear or even notice it; except one girl quickly running towards the hideous creature. How can she be the only other person to see this monster? Watch Bleach and find out!

“It had a really interesting plot. The battle scenes had some of the best animation I’ve seen. Since Bleach is a long shonen, the more episodes you watch the more you connect with the characters. I listen to the soundtrack occasionally because it also had some of the most invigorating tracks I’ve ever heard.” Rusel Butts, 11

7. One Piece

One piece is a world famous anime, even if you haven’t seen the anime itself you can probably recognize it’s iconic straw hat. Although the art style of One Piece is a make or break factor for some, the storyline overall is really good. Pirates might be a slightly overdone cliché, but after watching One Piece all of your previous knowledge of pirates will be altered forever. It harbors (nautical pun intended) a wide variety of unique characters with eloquently PIECE-d (ha) together backstories. This anime is very quirky and goofy, but can get serious at times; it’s a little hard to determine if they’re actually being serious sometimes because it just is that comical.

“One Piece is a good anime because the fight scenes are really epic. The anime is also really good because it’s super long so you can binge watch it. It also has a great story line and never gets old.” Markus Reedus, 10

6. Dragon Ball

Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon. This is an easily recognizable anime, even if you’ve never seen it chances are you can either recognize Goku, the dragon balls, or the infamous Kamehameha! This is from the early to late 90’s but most people confuse Dragon Ball with Dragon Ball Z. (They’re two different series, I promise you, it’s like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.) And even to this day the Dragon Ball series is still going, with Dragon Ball Super being released not long ago.

“It has such a fantastic element to it. The characters keep progressing in power which people make fun of, but it really gives the message that if you want to be the best and you put effort into it then you can become the best. It also has an incredible storyline of a son following in his fathers footsteps and even though they get separated many times they don’t stop trying to get back to each other. I personally liked that it was full of bright colors and awesome powers that the characters have.” Colby Owens, 9

5. Tokyo Ghoul

This is basically recognized as the anime of 2014, One Punch Man claimed 2015, but Tokyo Ghoul held strong. This anime pulls on your heartstrings in about 40 different ways, it harbors a beautiful art, an outstanding story line, and amazingly unique character design. No one character looks like another. Just for reference if you’ve already seen it, or if you’re going to watch it after you finish this list then just know that Kaneki did nothing wrong!

“The overall story telling was really good and the realistic projection of the characters was amazing. My favorite part was the characters because they were so beautifully done.” Aydan Baldwin, 11

4. Attack on Titan

Ah yes, Attack on Titan, I can’t describe my deep love for this anime. It’s full of action, adventure. And an amazing backstory for each individual character. Some of the things you shrug your shoulders to, and the fanbase sometimes ruins it; but if you can ignore the ‘Marco is Alive’ theories then watching this anime is an amazing journey. The main character’s design is wonderful, the background art is astounding, and the plot is one of the most original ideas I’ve ever seen. You can get lost about what time period it’s themed around, it’s never clarified if it’s post-apocalyptic or pre-industrial revolution. They don’t have cars but they do have futuristic maneuvering gear that basically lets them fly… In any case, Attack on Titan puts you in an alternate world where all of the technology makes sense in that specific world. Most anime make you wish you were in the world with your favorite characters, but I think most Attack on Titan fans would rather not.

“Well, Attack on Titan was actually my first anime to watch and I suppose it was just the fact that there is a lot of action in it. Plus the irony that the main character is something that the humans are fighting against. I think it’s a good anime because of all the action and how there are a few twists that change the plot dramatically. It’s something that keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Jonathan Patterson, 11

3. Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. I love Sailor Moon. It starts to get really predictable after a while, but then out of nowhere… BAM! You meet another sailor, or BAM! You’re introduced to the main enemy! I got bored after watching the same thing repeat itself after a while, but then the whole thing shifted gears. Sailor Moon is so iconic, and inspired a lot of 90’s shoujo anime. The characters have their own unique and opposing personalities, and they all have beautiful character design. However, if you want to watch Sailor Moon then I suggest watching the subtitled because the dubbed version is just cringe-worthy.

“Sailor Moon is nostalgic, I’ll admit. I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking, ‘wow this show is magical.’ I need to rewatch it, I plan doing that over spring break,” Nhi Khuu, 11

2. Mirai Nikki

Yandere lovers unite! Mirai Nikki is such an amazingly original anime that really kick started the entire Yandere girl stereotype. The idea is that 12 people are competing in a sort of game where the prize is the gift of becoming a god. However, the ‘diary users’ don’t know who the others are or where to find them. They fight to the death for the end goal of becoming a god, there are two ways to kill a diary user, either kill their human body, or destroy their cell phone. Their cell phone acts as the diary, it tells each holder one type of future. For example, Yuno Gasai’s diary is the “Yukiteru Diary,” this tells her everything about her lover, Yukiteru. This anime is basically the poster child for all Yandere girls to come, and it boasts a beautiful art design.

“I think Future Diary [Mirai Nikki] is a good anime because it was very suspenseful and there were many plot twists while watching it. I grew to hate and then love or feel sympathy for the certain characters or lov3e then hate others. It touched on a few heavy topics, put also had some comedic relief. Overall I think it’s an anime worth watching.” Gina Campos, 10

Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) [tie]

The entire Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, including brotherhood, was an absolutely amazing series. While FMA branched off on its own path, FMA Brotherhood came out after the manga finished and followed the author’s original storyline. This gave fans two different endings to one good anime as a whole. This anime is filled with unique abilities and equally as unique characters. You start to feel sympathetic towards the enemies, and in the end you’re not sure what side you root for you just want everyone to be happy.

“You get attatched to the characters. The action and combat are incredibly well done and the characters are well developed. And the plot moves in a direction that is satisfying for the duration of the show.” Zach Mullen, 11
Naruto [tie]

1. Naruto

This wouldn’t be a real list without Naruto. Oh what can I say about Naruto except for the fact that this is personally the best anime I’ve ever seen. I love the plot, I love the plot twists, I love the characters (even the antagonist sometimes.) I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve cried while watching this anime, it’s an embarrassing amount I’ll tell you that much. This anime has unique character design and personality, and is a very easily recognizable anime. Even the filler episodes in between plot arcs are either hilarious or they give you a deeper look into the current plot. The fanbase has followed the original series up to the very last movie. It breaks my heart that this anime is now technically over, but all good things must come to an end.

“The reason why I like Naruto is because it gives you the strength to fight the next day, rather than just giving up. As long as you believe in yourself you can get over the obstacles in life. No matter how hard it may seem.” Carlos Rivera, 11image


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