Avon Creates Second Lip Dub to Benefit Prenatal and Pediatric Care Units 

By Gabby Cress | Managing Editor

With over 900,000 views and a debut on ABC World News as ‘America Strong’ with Diane Sawyer, the Avon High School 2014 lip dub was hit.

Two years later, on Friday April 15, another  Avon High School lip dub was released; this time, however, to raise money for Hendricks Regional Health prenatal and pediatric care through the Avon Night Light 5K Run/Walk and festival event being held on April 30, 2016.

Junior Rushi Patel and math teacher Mr. Adam Clark directed the lip dub, junior Chad Carmichael edited the music and senior Saketu Patel filmed and edited the lip dub itself.

“There are more than 1200 students in this video. We cannot program everyone so that they display spirit and enthusiasm. But they still showed it. Everyone wanted to be in it, and they came up with new ideas to show on screen,” Rushi Patel said.

Over 57 students groups were involved in the lip dub, with over 350 students signing up individually to be featured in the video. There were various nuances added in the video to give it its flair.

In the video junior Justin Copp baked a cake and smashed it into senior Carly Froderman’s face, a few tennis players were jousting on each other’s backs and students held up sheets of paper to form the word ‘Avon’ in the parking lot.

“I’ve never seen a school’s principal leading 70 students in the whip and nae nae. This just reinforces how lucky we are to have an administration that is so involved in student activities and so willing to assist students however they can,” Rushi Patel said.

This year’s lip dub featured many out-worldly aspects as well, including two NBA basketball stars from the Pacers basketball team, a scene filmed with a drone, as well as an ending shot at Hendricks Regional Health hospital with the help of the pediatric unit and staff.

Initially some Avon students contacted the Vice President of the Pacers, who passed on the collaboration. However, sophomore Micah Prickett contacted the Pacers manager, who agreed to let two of their players be featured in the intro of the video: Myles Turner and Rodney Stuckey.

“My favorite part would have to be working with new people and getting to know everyone that was involved. Also the feedback we got after we were done was amazing,” Suketu Patel said.

The Avon Night Light 5K Run/Walk and festival will take place on April 30 at 7:30pm at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA in Avon. People can sign up for the run/walk for $15, with all the proceeds going to Hendricks Regional Health prenatal and the pediatric unit.

“I hope [people] are inspired by our message and impressed by the great work of our teenagers at Avon High School for a great cause,” Clark said.

Currently, the 2016 lip dub has over 83,000 views, but Rushi Patel says that getting tons of views was never their priority when creating the video.

“Just thinking about it: women who receive low quality prenatal care are theee times more likely to have an underweight baby and five times more likely to have a baby that dies within the first few weeks,” Rushi Patel said. “If we have a means to help, why not?”

Photos by Gabby Cress

lip dub photos 034lip dub photos 035 (1)


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