Avon Chamber Singers Compete at State Level

By Laura Reynolds | Reporter

This past weekend on May 7, Avon’s advanced mixed choir, the Avon Chamber Singers, performed at Pike High School for the State Finals Choir Competition. While this was an accomplishment for the group, according to many of the members, for even making it to the finals, the Avon Chamber Singers finished in fourteenth place at the event.

The choir as a whole felt as though the performance was their best one yet, regardless of the outcome. After many months of practicing their three pieces, “Twa Tambou,” “The Stars Stand Up in the Air” and “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord,” the Chamber Singers wholly agreed that their last performance of the set was by far the best they’d ever done.

“I think [Saturday] was definitely one of our best performances,” junior Lindley Griffin said, who is also a member of the Chamber Singers. “We were all really excited to be at state and had a really positive outlook that helped us perform to the best of our ability.”

choir chambers singers
The Avon Chambers Singers performing their three choral pieces for the state competition at Pike High School on Saturday May 7, 2016.

Many of the group members had been very pleased with their individual results despite the low ranking.

“In all, I believe all of the songs we performed were really good,” senior Kelly Carr said.  “We worked hard on them and we all have come a long way since we first started them.”

After finding out about the low placement, senior Nate Lex brushed it off and said, “we gave it our all,” much like the rest of the group.

However, several of the choir’s members thought the group was bound to place higher than fourteenth. Seeing as it was their “best performance,” some members of the group, like junior Evan Anders, were “stunned” when the group received a low ranking.

“I expected we would place at least fifth or sixth,” Anders said. “I was surprised when I heard we got placed as fourteenth.”

Other members of the group assumed they deserved an even higher ranking than the ones Anders predicted, like senior Shelby Murphy. However, Murphy said the low ranking still came secondary to the standing ovation from the audience after their performance.

“I thought we deserved a higher ranking, but at least we made state,” Murphy said. “[The Avon Chamber Singers] still sounded amazing and received a standing ovation from the audience.”

Yet in the end, Murphy was very happy overall, and said it was a “great way to wrap up the year.”

Photo taken by Laura Reynolds




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