Seniors’ Top 10 Tips for a Fabulous Open House

By Rachel Moore | Editor-in-Chief

  1. Have a design:

“You should have more of a design-type theme, like rustic or shabby chic, but not like Hawaiian theme or American themed or Donald Trump.” Madyson Mercer

“I always felt like a theme at an open house made it seem more like a birthday that you just invited everyone to. It should look little put-together, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant by any means, a design does this.” Keaton Bailey

  1. Lots of food:

“Have a candy bar, chocolate fountain, cookies, the whole shebang.” Madyson Mercer

“You should have a large variety of food since you’re inviting a lot of people so there’s something for everyone. Also, make sure there are large quantities so it doesn’t run out.” Sarah Kendall 

  1. Set up in advance:

“Make sure you set your [open house decorations] up way before [the event start time] so you won’t be stressed and can enjoy your day.” Madyson Mercer 

“Give yourself enough time to set up; however much time you put into making it look good will show. Don’t think that if you have a party at noon that you need to wake up at 4 a.m. to set up either, though.” Keaton Bailey

  1. Have a ‘card box’:

“I have a table with a card box on it with pictures  and a bouquet of flowers. Card boxes take away the awkwardness of guests not knowing whether to give you the card or place it on a present table where it could get lost or misplaced.” Madyson Mercer

“Have [a card box] so all your cards will be in one place and you won’t lose them.” Sarah Kendall

  1. Have scrapbooks, photo boards, etc. laid out for guests:

“I have a slideshow playing with pictures from freshman to senior year of high school. It also has music playing so there will be background noise at all times to avoid awkward silence.” Sarah Kendall

“You should always have pictures from all your years of living so people and guests always have something to do and look at while they’re there.” Paige Hawk 

  1. Don’t stress:

“It’s not that deep, so if things don’t go your way, it’s not the end of the world.” Sarah Kendall

“It’s just one day about you. You’re supposed to have fun and be celebrating your accomplishments with friends and family.” Madyson Mercer

  1. Invite former teachers too:

“They’re excited to see their former students going this far in life. They’re always surprised at how fast time flies by too.” Sarah Kendall

“Every year I take my cars and I put them in what I call my Smile File…any time I’m having a bad day I pull those out and they cheer me up. Although it’s difficult for me to attend them all, I try to go to the ones I can depending on the time of the day or the situations.” Mrs. Amanda Leahy, math teacher

  1. Dress like you care:

“You don’t want to look like some worthless, lazy chump. You just graduated, act like you care.” Paige Hankins

“It’s a celebration and you always dress up for celebrations.” Bethany Moore 

  1. Eat beforehand:

“You don’t want to pass out and you probably won’t have a good time to eat since people will be talking to you the whole time.” Sarah Kendall

“We’re having finger foods at my open house, so eating beforehand would be a good idea, because when you have so many people coming and going at one time, it’s hard to have an actual meal.” Phoenix Pickett

  1. Make a t-shirt with your college of choice and major to wear:

“You don’t want to answer the same question a thousand times, and it’s a fun little idea you could do since you still will be asked your college choice and major.” Keaton Bailey

“I’ll probably just wear one of my Purdue t-shirts in order to avoid such questions as: what college are you going to?” Jessica Barrett

Illustration created by Hailee Smith | Reporter


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