Avon Choir Department Presents Annual Spring Sing

By Alyssa Bates | Reporter

Each year at Avon High School, the award for the “choir concert with the most tears” goes to the Spring Sing performance. For the choir program, Spring Sing signifies the end of the year and a goodbye to the all the seniors. Spring Sing was held Friday May 20.

For senior Alex Edgecomb, this year was “a little different and a lot more emotional” as it was her last year participating in the choral group.

“Spring Sing is the most unorganized, but the most rewarding show of the year,” Edgecomb said. “It is a culmination of everything we have done and learned throughout the entire school year.”

“Spring Sing is the most unorganized, but the most rewarding show of the year.”

Alex Edgecomb, 12

The show involved songs performed by each of the six concert choirs, both of the show choirs and a couple of duet performances.

“Starting off was our unisex show choir, Attraction, who did an amazing job followed by the Chamber Singers singing one of their favorite songs; ‘Twa Tanbou,’” junior Shirlyn Mthethwa said.

For junior Jackie Dimmick, she said that the transition between show choir and concert choir was “hectic.”

“Right after Attraction performed, we had to run backstage, put on our Chamber Singers dresses really quickly and then run across the entire back hall of the stage,” Dimmick said. “As soon as we got to the other side, we literally had no time to breathe and we walked immediately onstage to perform and I could not breathe because I had just finished a 20 minute show.”

Edgecomb said that prep for concerts like Spring Sing involves being around the same people for “hours and days at a time” and “you sometimes get to know them maybe a little better than you wanted to.”

Next was a mixture of the Camerata and the Oriole Choir singing a patriotic medley, and then came a duet of siblings Justin Miller and freshman Jessica Miller.

“Spring Sing was a little different for me as a freshman than a lot of others because I have a graduating brother,” Jessica Miller said. “My brother and I had the privilege of performing a duet together in the middle of the show singing a mixture of ‘Baby its Cold Outside’ and ‘Blue Christmas.’”

The all girls’ choir, Bella Voce, performed yet another patriotic song followed by a duet of the song “Falling Slowly” sung by Paige Hawk and Lance Meyer. The advanced girls’ choir, Allegros, sang a musical theatre-type song, the beginning girls’ choir danced to a show choir-inspired song, and Accents, the mixed show choir, performed their rehearsed show for the very last time.

“Chamber Singers has sung ‘The Road Home’ each year and the alumni were asked to join us onstage,” Mthethwa said. “This caused a lot of tears and many of us held hands for this song.”

“This caused a lot of tears and many of us held hands for this song.”

Shirlyn Mthethwa, 11

With over 400 audience members, they witnessed the presentation of choir awards to individual students, such as the most outstanding performer, most improved and best mental attitude for each choir. Also, the director’s award was given to Mackenzie Heffron and Nate Lex; Lex had also received the senior scholarship given by the Avon Choral Boosters Club for his participation in the choir.

“We honored each of the seniors and gave them blankets,” Mthethwa said. “After all of the recognitions, the seniors had a surprise video to thank Mr. Gamble, but the video did not work so we just sang Omnia Sol as our closing song and watched it later in the concert where we all cried and hugged each other.”

Many seniors, like Justin Miller, said they were proud of what they had accomplished for the Spring Sing.

“I thought that spring sing went very well, I was very proud of what everyone put together,” Justin Miller said. “Getting to do one last choir production was a really awesome opportunity and I would not have had it any other way.”


Photo submitted by Amy Coursey 



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