Video: Avon Orchestra Celebrates 10th Anniversary

By Caroline Emenaker | Reporter

The Avon Orchestra has been around since the fall of 2007 and will be entering its 10th season this year. It started with an original group of around 38 students but has grown to over 700 students throughout the intermediate, middle, and high school.

Not only has the orchestra placed third at state finals, but it has traveled to New York and Disney World and has volunteered to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. However, the orchestra director, Mr. Dean Westman, said that the most important part of orchestra isn’t winning a competition.

“To me it’s all about playing the highest level of music at the highest level,” Westman said. “Can we be a group that when people look at the Avon Orchestra they think that is a group that is classy, they have integrity and treat people right.”

Each year the orchestra grows in number and has graduated three senior classes. It strives to change the lives of every student and to create positive life-changing experiences for every student. This mission statement is mounted on the wall in the orchestra room.

“My job here is not to take great human beings and teach them how to be great musicians. My job is to take the great musicians that we have and teach them how to be great human beings. Teach them how to be caring, how to be loving, how to be kind and how to be empathetic,” Westman said.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Avon Orchestra, we asked students: what does orchestra mean to you? Check out their responses in the video below.


Video by Caroline Emenaker


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