Gallery: Choirs Kick Off the School Year with Fall Fling

By Claire Rightley | Editor-in-Chief

On Sept. 27, the 26th consecutive Fall Fling was put on by the choir department.

Fall Fling is an annual performance featuring all six concert choirs and this year, three songs from the musical, Music Man, along with an octet singing Java Jive.

Choir director Rick Gamble said he believed this year’s performance went “very well.”

Gamble said Fall Fling does serve the purpose of allowing students in choir to get used to the routine of a choir performance, but is also a learning experience in more ways than just that.

“It’s very helpful to have every choir have a fairly quick performance, so they know why they’re practicing and why we’re so jealous of time in rehearsals,” Gamble said.

Gamble said that the performance is more to him than just conducting various choirs.

“I like to listen to music. I like to listen to people grow. It’s what I do,” Gamble said.

A member of Chamber singers (the advanced mixed choir), the octet, and the musical, junior Logan Wheeler said Fall Fling was an entertaining performance.

“My favorite part about Fall Fling was probably Java Jive, and if not, I liked singing Gloria,” Wheeler said.

Junior Emily Keith said that performing for her choir and for the musical as not the only aspect of the performance that she found enjoyable.

“I really enjoyed hearing the other choirs perform and how they have changed since last year,” Keith said.

The choirs began this school year with 260 tickets sold for this performance, a performance that Gamble considers to have been a success.

Photos by Claire Rightley


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