Drama Club Participates in Trunk or Treat: Q&A with Club President, Athena Neace

Content by Chloe Firebaugh| Reporter

Q: Why does Drama club participate in Trunk or Treat?

A: Drama club participates in Trunk or Treat because most of the clubs at the school do, also it’s a good way to show that Drama club is a part of the community.

Q:What was the club’s table theme this year?

Our “theme” this year was a masquerade ball. We chose that because it fits both Halloween and Drama Club.

Who all participated in trunk or treat?

All the club officers participated as well as some key members of the club. We all dressed up, decorated and donated candy.

How much time was spent setting up?

It only took an hour or so to set up, I think that we could have spent more time beforehand coming up with ideas, but I believe we pulled it off nicely.

Was there a good turnout?

There was a great turnout and a lot of little kids that had a nice time.

Is the Drama club participating again next year?

I’m sure the Drama club will be doing Trunk or Treat again next year. Even though I will graduate, I’m sure the officers next year will love to help out.


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