Avon School Board Discusses Budget Use

Content by Gabby Cress| Editor-in-chief

On October 27th a meeting regarding the Avon Community School Corporations budget took place at the School District Office. The board members, member David D. Webb, Secretary Anne L. Engelhardt, Vice President Pamela J. DeWeese and President Kimberly L. Woodward discussed a multitude of different subjects about Avon Community Schools’ budget for 2017. The superintendent of Avon schools, Dr. Margaret Hoernemann, was also present at the meeting.

“For 2017, we must have an approved budget by a certain date and we’ve met all of the required time lines to approve our budgets for capital projects, which are for the buildings, general funds, and our transportation.” Engelhart said.

One of the main topics throughout the meeting was the renovation of Avon Intermediate School East. The board said that the school was not equally as up-to-date as other Avon schools, and it was time to change some aspects of the school building. The budget for this project is projected to be at $10 million.

“The goal was to do some business to get us prepared to move us forward on a number of fronts,” Woodward said. “We did a lot of background, reading and talking getting to this point on, especially [about] Avon Intermediate School East, and I think that we are now in a very good position and I feel that the goal of being prepared and moving us to take action was accomplished.”

Although the board is still in the process of figuring out all of the details, they plan on making major renovations throughout the entire school at Intermediate School East. The list of concerns the board had about Avon Intermediate School East were: the classrooms are 280 feet smaller than other classrooms in Avon, the hallways are only 10 feet wide, while other schools in Avon have hallways that are 12 feet, the restrooms need improvement for both the students and the staff, the cafeteria and performing arts rooms are too small, classrooms do not provide enough natural sunlight and security is a concern considering that the main office does not have a direct view of the front doors and cannot always see who has entered the building.

One specific project that the board hopes to take on is the possible relocation of the kitchen and bathrooms at Intermediate School East. They also plan to have contractors come in and see what possible designs they could do with the once old pool room.

“There is a tremendous need in that building for significant rebuilding.” Hoernemann said.

The board is currently still in the process of planning out the new design for the building, what exact renovations will be taken on, and which business they want to partner with to perform the renovations.


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