Legends of the Avon Haunted Bridge

By Caroline Emenaker| Reporter

The Haunted Bridge is notorious for its haunted roads, but where did the legend start? There are multiple tales of people dying and haunting the bridge since the start of construction 1907.

Throughout the United States at the time, railroads and roads were being constructed to make transportation easier. In 1907 the building of a bridge over the White Lick Creek started and it was reportedly grueling work. Temporary workers were hired to lay down the tracks on the bridge.

Sophomore Victoria Wendt says that the tale of the Haunted Bridge paints a picture of Avon’s culture and the history of the bridge.

“I don’t really think it’s haunted, I think it’s just an example of Avon’s culture and history,” said Wendt.

One legend paints the picture of a man whose fellow workers called Dad Jones. One day he was waiting with another worker to be handed a heavy bucket of cement to be poured into its form. But while they were lifting the bucket their wooden platform gave way and Jones fell into the concrete. He was fully encased before anyone could get to him to help.

The foreman of the railroad refused to dig the body out of the concrete, and that is when the legend began. A local farmer claimed to have heard a man’s hoarse scream over the sound of a passing train. A police officer even reported that moisture coming off of the side of the bridge was the color of blood.

Freshman Sahib Singh says that the haunting of the bridge could be explained in other ways like the surrounding weather or nature.

“I don’t really think the bridge is haunted because there hasn’t been much research to prove that it’s actually haunted. The phenomenon could be explained in another way,” Singh said.

Another common story told throughout Indiana is the story of a mother and her baby. The story goes that one night a woman took her sick child to the doctor’s and was walking along the railroad tracks on the way home. She got her foot stuck in the tracks just as a train barreled towards them.

Seeing no way of escape the woman threw her child and herself from the tracks, but only she survived. Weeks later the mother died of grief and a broken heart, and can be heard under the railroad tracks screaming for her dead child.

Junior Ryan Larson says that despite being near the bridge often, he has never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

“I’ve been on countless runs under the bridge and I’ve never felt anything abnormal about it whatsoever. It’s just like any other bridge,” Larson says.

Despite all of the different versions of the tale, most stories can agree upon one thing: there’s a specter or two haunting the bridge, where you can hear their cries. But what do you believe?


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