Looking Back and Looking Forward: 2016 Heritage Festival and Holiday Festivities

By Brooke Beaman| News Editor

On Sept. 24, the 18th Avon Community Heritage Festival took place at Washington Township Park.

“This is a free, fun, community event to pull Avon together, and just have families come out and have fun,” said Karie Sinclair, the head of the Festival for this year.

The Festival had many activities, including a dog and cat adoption through the Humane Society, a talent show, character story hour which featured Anna from Frozen and Captain America, a blood donation vehicle, a parade, a concert, and many other things, including 65 booths and food vendors. One of these booths had Avon Middle School South’s choir teacher, Mrs. Slavens, representing Indianapolis Children’s Choir.

“[The Festival] is a good place that people can come and see people that they know within the community,” said Slavens. “They get to see all the things that are available to them in the area, and it’s all in one spot. It has faces, instead of just a website.”

Slavens was at the Festival to promote the Hendricks County site for ICC, for children grades one to eight. Many other organizations were at the Festival, including the Hendricks County Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as the Girl and Boy Scouts. Avon junior, Olivia Ash was there, representing the Biz Academy of Musical Theater.

“[The Festival] has all the different businesses throughout Avon, and especially, I’ve had a few people who are new to the community come and found out about us. I always love coming because it has fun, free stuff,” Ash said.

The 18th annual Avon Community Heritage finished off with fireworks at dusk, as well as a concert from the band ‘Big Rosco’. Virgil Underwood, who handles logistics on the committee that puts up the Heritage Festival and several other events later in the year, said that the attendance for the festival was close to 6500 people.

“We’re not starting to plan [for the 2017 Heritage Festival] just yet, we still have the town hall tree lighting that we do on December 3. We’re in preparation for that right now,” Underwood said. “After December, we’ll start focusing again on the Heritage Festival.”

Underwood said that the committee is always trying to add things, and that they are now coming up with ideas on how to get more groups, organizations and individuals involved in the festival, especially the talent show. The next big event that the committee puts on is the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Avon Town Hall from 6-7pm.

“It’s important for a community to feel like they can come out and have fun together. With [the Festival] being free, it’s nice that everyone can come,” said Sinclair. “Avon has grown so much, so it’s important to remember that we are all one community that links us together.”


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