Black Friday is a Classic Case of American Irony

By Alyssa Bates| Business Editor

I’m thankful for my family, I’m thankful for the fact that I have a bed to sleep in each night and most of all, I’m thankful that I can race to spend my money on all the fantastic sales that are offered on Black Friday. The more people I can beat out to buy a new TV, the better. I’m going to need to camp out all night to reserve my spot in line. On second thought, to increase my odds I should just head out in the late afternoon on Thanksgiving day. I’m sure the turkey will understand.

Let’s pause for a moment. Does anyone else recognize how corrupt our society is becoming? The irony involved with the increasing holiday of Black Friday creeping onto Thanksgiving is immense. Traditionally, Thanksgiving has been a day where we can step back and reflect on all of the things we are thankful for in our lives. Gratitude adds a healthy dose of humility into our busy schedules, but when we decide to be thankful one minute and then fight to snag the last pair of Ugg boots off the shelf, this defeats the purpose.

Originally, Black Friday was an unspoken holiday where stores would mark down their prices in order for families to get a head start on Christmas shopping. Eventually it evolved into a massive day where approximately 134 million people shop and spend an average of $380, according to Fundivo.

Without realizing it, our values that come with the humble holiday of Thanksgiving are going down with our bank accounts and thrown into shopping bags.

While I have no problem with a little early bird Christmas shopping with bargain prices, I believe that too many Americans, are forgetting the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is a fantastic way to get in the mood for the “most wonderful time of the year”, Christmas. We can focus on the beautiful things around us before we prepare for the festivities that surround all of the lights, presents and traditions. Black Friday rudely interrupts this flow into the festive season. So when you are about to go shopping on November 25, make sure you do not get to consumed with the process and take a little time to count your blessings before spending all of them.


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