Who AHS Students Choose to Celebrate This Year’s Women’s History Month (Quote Collection)

Elshadai Aberra | Web Editor-in-Chief

As March continues to be internationally dedicated to women’s history, the Echo thought to ask Avon students who the first woman they think to celebrate this march is; fictional or not.

“Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).” Clay Peters, 12

“I would choose Taylor Swift because I love her, and her music was life changing for me.” Brooke Pelkey, 9

“Harriet Tubman because she was so brave and saved a lot of lives!” Salma Chemmaoui, 12

“Kari Faux because she’s a queen.” Gavin York, 12

“Maya Angelou! She was so amazing at capturing the experience of being a woman.” Katherine Langford, 10

“I don’t necessarily have a first woman that comes to mind. I’d say the prominent female figures in my life.” Joseph Kujore, 12

“Every woman ever because women are great.” Megan Williams, 12

“Black Widow, or Natasha Romanova, because she is one of the first female avengers and I love her.” Gracie Breuer, 9

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