Early Graduation: Summer Matthews Walks as a Junior

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief Most students will spend four years in high school, graduate at 18, and move on with their lives from there. For junior Summer Matthews, however, “everybody else is not me.” In only a week and some change, Matthews will be walking across the stage at graduation a year earlier than her classmates. Matthews said the decision to graduate one year … Continue reading Early Graduation: Summer Matthews Walks as a Junior

AHS Seniors Participate in Signing Day

Elshadai Aberra and Tara Martin | Social Media Editor and Web Editor-in-Chief On Friday, May 17, Avon High School hosted a signing day for seniors in the ALC Cafeteria. Seniors could take pictures with school signs, graduation themed balloons, and even ice cream. Senior Counselor Ms. Salazar said that AHS put on the event in order to celebrate the end of high school for the … Continue reading AHS Seniors Participate in Signing Day

Senior Breanna Mader Takes on Drum Corps for Summer

By Brannigan Watson|Web Managing Editor It’s a hot summer day and it’s hour one of a 12-hour rehearsal day and you’re already sweating. This will be senior Breanna Mader’s life until August. She is marching as a part of the color guard for the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps. Drum Corps International hosts a number of competitions for corps all around the country throughout … Continue reading Senior Breanna Mader Takes on Drum Corps for Summer

AHS Hosts Art Drop and Show

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief Posters and pictures crowd the halls, tables of freshly molded and glazed clay stretch up and down The Commons. On Wednesday, May 15, an art show was at Avon High School, displaying works from a multitude of different art classes offered at AHS. Photography teacher Dustin Allison said that one of the highlights of the event was the wide range … Continue reading AHS Hosts Art Drop and Show

AHS Teachers Who Have Taught Abroad

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief Mr. Nelson: Spanish teacher Kyle Nelson taught English in Fuenlabrada, Spain to students ranging anywhere from sixth to twelfth grade. “My job was basically to develop American culture lessons and also help them with speaking, practice, and pronunciation,” Nelson said. While by sixth grade, most students in Spain are almost bilingual in Spanish and English, Nelson said that a language … Continue reading AHS Teachers Who Have Taught Abroad

The Making of a “Midnight in Paris”

Morgan Jones | Reporter Each year, the junior class officers are tasked with planning one of the biggest parts of the American high school experience: prom, a special evening for upperclassmen to make memories together as they near graduation. Current junior class officer Sophia Trinkle said that the planning process began with finding a charming theme that all attendees would enjoy. “We looked through a … Continue reading The Making of a “Midnight in Paris”

Purdue Glee Club Performs at AHS

Elshadai Aberra|Social Media Editor On Friday, April 12 Purdue’s male choir group, the Purdue Glee Club, performed in our school’s very own auditorium. The program was primarily a fundraiser for AHS’ choir program, but simultaneously served as an advertisement for AHS’ choir members to join Purdue’s choir program when they enter college. The men of the Purdue Glee Club were not the only performers that … Continue reading Purdue Glee Club Performs at AHS

AP Stat Students Assist Firefighters

Morgan Jones | Reporter Over spring break, Ms. Leahy’s AP Statistics students were given the opportunity to help save lives alongside the Washington Township Avon Fire Department. Initially contacted by the department, Ms. Leahy said that she jumped at the opportunity. “[They] wanted to know if it was possible for us to look at numbers and analyze them,” Ms. Leahy said. “To tell if firefighters … Continue reading AP Stat Students Assist Firefighters

Girls’ Rugby Season Commences

Elshadai Aberra| Social Media Editor     Avon girls’ rugby season has just begun and is only moving forward. The girls played their first scrimmage against Pike on March 19 and even though there was no score or winner, the scrimmage managed to aide the team in figuring out what they need to work on for the rest of the season and what they are … Continue reading Girls’ Rugby Season Commences