2020: A Year in Review

Sam Sublette | Managing Editor 2020. A year of new hopes and possibilities. A year of new beginnings. However, the year would be remembered for the unexpected events that took place. Events such as heartbreaking deaths, shocking disasters, and even misleading information. It is important, however, to recap these events and to keep them in mind when looking into the next year of 2021. JAN … Continue reading 2020: A Year in Review

A Decade in Reflection

Morgan Jones | Web Editor-in-Chief As 2019 concludes after what seems like an everlasting eternity, it marks the end of a decade. From Gaga’s meat dress in 2010 to the 2016 release of Pokémon Go, the past ten years have been inarguably iconic and downright phenomenal. Since it’s easy to lose sight of all the good happenings in the world, here are the most positive … Continue reading A Decade in Reflection