Is It a Student’s Responsibility to Report Vaping on Campus?

By Krishna Lathish | Contributor Senior Jose Campos stared, dumbfounded, as the student held out the Juul like an olive branch; one hit in return for his discretion. He wasn’t worried about what to do. What had Campos scratching his head is that he hadn’t come fiending for nicotine at a house party – he’d just wanted to use the bathroom between classes at Avon High School. As the e-cigarette epidemic sweeps the nation, American students might sympathize with Campos; for them, being confronted with a Juul on bathroom visit isn’t too far-fetched. Sometimes students are caught, sometimes not, but for … Continue reading Is It a Student’s Responsibility to Report Vaping on Campus?

Seven Lessons from Seven Semesters

Tara Martin | Web Editor-in-Chief So my time has come. As the end of winter break rolls around, I will have to face the inevitable; I am about to become a freshman all over again. While most of my peers pack their bookbags for another semester at AHS, I will once again show up unprepared. This time, however, I’ll be showing up unprepared to college. But that’s the life of a mid-year graduate. From me to you, in the midst of the school year, here are seven high school lessons from seven high school semesters. Bleed black and gold. It … Continue reading Seven Lessons from Seven Semesters