The AHS Tony Awards: Legally Blonde Edition

By Simone Bender Best Stage Presence During the show, the set seemed to really come alive and one performer who really contributed to this was junior Annika Montana. Playing the role of Vivienne, she was able to command the attention of the audience quickly and effectively with just one line, which stood out to me personally. Best Actor While all of the cast was fantastic … Continue reading The AHS Tony Awards: Legally Blonde Edition

2020: A Year in Review

Sam Sublette | Managing Editor 2020. A year of new hopes and possibilities. A year of new beginnings. However, the year would be remembered for the unexpected events that took place. Events such as heartbreaking deaths, shocking disasters, and even misleading information. It is important, however, to recap these events and to keep them in mind when looking into the next year of 2021. JAN … Continue reading 2020: A Year in Review