Juniors Ava Torrance and Holly Eastridge Commit to Play College Volleyball

By Nathan Miller | Reporter

How did you first get into volleyball?

Ava Torrance: In seventh grade my friend convinced me to try out.

Holly Eastridge: I used to play basketball, and I had a trainer who forced me into it because I was tall; she said if I was not going to try out she would take me to tryouts. I liked it so much I quit basketball for volleyball.

What do you like about volleyball?

Torrance: I liked how fast-paced it was and the people that I play with.

Eastridge I like how it’s really a team sport and everyone works together.

What are your goals related to college volleyball?

Torrance: I really want to play all four years and help my college team advance into the tournament. 

Eastridge:  I just want to become the best I can be; I want to be good for my team and my college.

How and why did you stay with this sport for so long?

Torrance: The people I play with help me enjoy it, and it is just a sport that I’ve grown to love.

Eastridge: My coaches kept me with a good attitude and helped me stay in it mentally and working hard.

How has volleyball affected your personal life with practicing so much?

Torrance: I learned time management, and I learned how to keep my priorities straight with school, sports and family.

Eastridge: It has made my life really busy, but I have gotten used to the busy life style. I’m not just sitting at home doing nothing.

Which college are you committed to and why did you choose this one?

Torrance:  I committed to East Carolina University, and I chose it because I have always wanted to go south for school, and once I stepped on campus I could tell that I loved it. The coach and I connected really well.

Eastridge: South Carolina because I love the southern atmosphere, and I love all the coaches and all the girls. They’re like a family, and it reminds me of Avon volleyball.

What does being committed mean to you?

Torrance: I have a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about finding a college, and it is going to help me be better as a teammate. Now, it is not all about just making sure I can play in college.

Eastridge: It means a lot to me. I feel like I’m a leader in some ways, and some people can look up to me, but I know I have to stay humble.

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