Members of Student Government Attend Ted Wiese Leadership Training




By Emmagrace Brock | Reporter

The annual Ted Wiese Leadership Training took place in the upper gymnasium during school on Tuesday, August 29 at Avon High School. All Student Government members were invited to this conference in order to better themselves and their part in the leadership roles they’ve taken on. They spent the day completing group activities under the guidance of motivational speaker Ted Wiese.

Sophomore class officer Sophia Trinkle participated in her second year of Ted Wiese’s training. Trinkle said she appreciates what [Wiese] is doing and how he gets everyone excited so easily this early in the year.

“This being my second year, I kind of knew what to expect, but going into it as a returning participant, I really saw how this can affect my Student Government involvement and my overall year. So, I really just appreciated coming again,” Trinkle said.

Junior Caroline Wadley, President of Artisans of Aesthetic Communications Club, said she had a lot of fun and it was beneficial as she got to know a lot of the people there. Wadley enjoyed Ted Wiese’s system of encouraging participation by giving out keychains.

“I just loved all the competition. I think that made it a lot of fun because you’re just determined to constantly win and you’re fighting over keychains and it seems so ridiculous but it was so much fun,” Wadley said.

Sophomore Madison Bruce and freshman Grace Hicks are both class officers. Bruce and Hicks agreed that the day’s activities were quite beneficial in getting to know the rest of the Student Government members, as well as learning to collaborate well with each other.

“I thought the activities were very helpful in building our relationships together and now we can work together way better than we did before,” Bruce said.

Senior Ethan Mickelson had attended this year’s leadership training as his first. Mickelson said he liked the activity that involved creating the group into an everyday machine because it showed “collaborative teamwork.”

“Today was a blast. I learned a lot about myself and teamwork. I didn’t expect to, but I really got a lot out of it,” Mickelson said.

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