Keeping Up with the Clubs: What is JAG?

By Tierra Harris | Web Editor-in-Chief

The JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) program welcomes students of all different backgrounds and personalities who all have one initial goal: discovering themselves and their purpose for life after high school. Led by Ms. MaryAnne Abramson, students have been able to take a variety of field trips, listen to guest speakers and earn incentives for reaching goals. They have went on many college trips varying from Marian University to Vincennes University’s Logistics and Aviation Center. Although the class is new to Avon High School, it is present in many schools across the country and has had a huge impact on students pursuing careers that they genuinely love.

Seniors Socorro McCreary and Jalen Hinton answered a few questions for the Avon Echo to give a more detailed idea of what the club really represents.

What does JAG mean to you?

McCreary: To me, JAG is an opportunity to work on life skills and skills that affect you outside of your high school career.

Hinton: JAG is a second chance to get your priorities straight.

How long have you been in JAG?

McCreary: I’ve been in JAG since last January.

Hinton: I joined JAG last January.

What activities are available for people who decide to take this class?

McCreary: We take a lot of field trips and we have some opportunities to make money off of projects that we do. We also get to learn a lot from guest speakers about different career fields.

Hinton: JAG is different from other classes because it’s more focused on you and what you want to do after school.

What does JAG implement and how has it impacted you?

McCreary: It’s impacted me a lot, actually, because I wasn’t really looking forward to my future and I wasn’t really planning to have a successful future. But with this class and with the help from our teacher, I was able to get myself together and get accepted to college.

Hinton: JAG is very helpful and it’s opened my eyes that there are more opportunities after high school, instead of just joining the work force right after high school.

What has been your favorite memory in JAG?

McCreary: The INI Ceremony has probably been my favorite. Everyone officially joined the program and did their pledges and read their speeches. It went really well.

Hinton: My fondest memory is the Chamber of Commerce meeting. We went and basically got our name out to the businesses around Hendricks County.

During your time in JAG, how has it personally affected you and your idea of life after high school?

McCreary: I got accepted to Indiana Business College and I’m going to be in the vet tech program. A guest speaker that came from Indiana Business College definitely inspired me to pursue that.

Hinton: My mentality freshman and sophomore year was more of ‘graduate and go straight to the military and see what life throws at you,’ but now I have a set plan [that’s’ more focused on] my career and life after high school; I’m definitely more open-minded.

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