Interact Club Hosts Annual Prom Dress Sale

By Brannigan Watson | Reporter

On Saturday, March 10 the Avon High School Interact Club held their discounted prom sale. The sale consists of discounted items students may need for prom, like dresses, shoes and jewelry. Students can buy all prom essentials for less than 10 dollars total. Junior and member, Hannah Schafer,  said the goal of the sale is to make prom affordable for students.

“With tickets, dinner and a dress easily costing a couple hundred dollars, Interact Club is trying to help ease the financial strain of prom,” Schafer said.

The event is essentially crowd sourced. With the items being ticketed at low prices, the items being sold are donated around and by the community. The Interact club has to store and collect the products well in advance to be prepared for the event.

“All of the items we have for sale at the Prom dress sale are donated, which are collected at sights around the community and sorted and stored by the Interact Club until the sale,” Schafer said.

Beyond being able to prevent prom from being a financial burden to students, the proceeds of the sale are put back into the community. This makes the sale valuable to the club, prom-goers, and Women.

“All of the proceeds from the sale go directly to Sheltering Wings, a women’s shelter that provides safety and education to abused women,” Schafer said.

Schafer said the event tends to keep busy over its 3 hour duration. The crowd includes shoppers and their families attending to help them pick the right dress. She estimates that they sold almost 200 items.

“We typically have a couple hundred shoppers, and of course many girls bring friends or family to help look for a dress, so we have a large crowds for the entire duration of the sale,” Schafer said.

Though the club isn’t planning on making any major changes to the sale, the ultimate goal is to get more donations, customers and proceeds to Sheltering Wings.

“For now, there isn’t anything Interact Club plans to change about the sale. However, we continue to try and get the information out to more and more schools each year through community and online connections, so as to maximize the number of girls able to come and donate to Sheltering Wings,” Schafer said.

Schafer wants students to understand that the club goes beyond this event and there is something for everyone.

“I think the biggest thing I want people to know about Interact is that students are genuinely welcome to join at anytime, no matter what you’re interested in. Interact’s community service projects are extremely versatile and there really is something for everyone,” Schafer said.

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