Pre-Med Club Will Host Guest Speaker At Oct. 8 Meeting

By Prabhvir Lakhan | Print Managing Editor

On Monday, October 8 Pre-Med Club will be hosting guest speaker Amber D. Clark, a Health Professions Navigator from the University of Indianapolis. Club president Jui Desai shared information about the club and speaker.

What is Pre-Med club?

Pre-Med Club is an informational club primarily focusing on the human and animal healthcare field. We meet once a month and organize various activities, including inviting guest speakers from a specific area of the healthcare or medical field and field trips to hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, and clinics. Alongside this, we offer students volunteering opportunities related to the field. This club gives high school students exposure, opportunities, and learning experiences in [the] healthcare field by understanding how [the] healthcare field works for the benefit of living beings.

Can you still join the club?

Yes, you can still join the club.

What is the process of joining the club?

The first step would be to join the Remind. Text @premed2018 to 81010. We will be sending out updates through Remind, and once you attend the first meeting, we will set you up in Schoology where you can get information about the activities in greater detail.

Who are the sponsors of the club?

Mr. Payne and Mrs. Westman are the sponsors. 

What is a typical meeting like?

Depending upon the pre-determined agenda of that meeting, if we have invited a guest speaker, we will have short announcements followed by speaker contents where the speaker will share his/her journey to [becoming] a professional and their experiences in the profession. We will have a Q & A session or hands-on activities will follow. If we have a field trip planned we will have exhaustive activities, depending upon the place we are planning to visit.

Who is the guest speaker that is at the next meeting?

At our next meeting, we will have Amber D. Clark, a Health Professions Navigator for the University of Indianapolis. She works with students interested in pursuing graduate health professions and provides support to students interested in the medical field. If you are interested in a health profession, be sure to attend as she will have some great insight and advice. We hope to see you there, in the upstairs ALC LGI afterschool on October 8.

Why did you join this club? Would you recommend this club to others?

I joined this club in my freshman year because I was interested in learning more about a field that would combine my interests and help people at the same time. Pre-Med club is a stepping stone to [getting] information about the healthcare system. If anyone has even the slightest interest in the medical or healthcare field, he or she should join. It will give a very valuable experiences and insights about the profession and industry.


Photos by Prabhvir Lakhan 

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