AHS Students Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions and Stories

By Elshadai Aberra | Reporter

In preparation for Thanksgiving, the Echo recently talked with students around the school about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories. Here’s what we found:

“My family has a farm and we have turkeys and stuff. One time a turkey ran away and we had to chase it down and that was like the craziest thing that’s happened.”

  • Josie Morrical, 9 

A typical Thanksgiving is hanging out with my cousins and having a big meal and we usually go to see a movie at night.”

  • Emma Jones, 9

“A couple years ago I was playing with my cousins outside and I jumped off my grandma’s fence and busted my lip open and had to get stiches.”

  • Olivia Burke, 10 

“We all decided to pie each other in the face two years ago.”

  • Cameron Beck, 9

“My dog crawled up onto the table and started eating everyone’s food.”

  • Andrew Peña, 10

“Last year’s Thanksgiving, it was also my sixteenth birthday, so it was just a wild time and it was fun seeing my whole family, plus we just kind of mushed the two days into one and it was just a wild, fun time.”

  • Nathan Brown, 11

“We usually watch TV before dinner while my grandmother’s usually in the kitchen and my mom’s probably in the kitchen helping too. You know the family kind of argues and there’s family drama, and of course you know that one weird uncle; we all have him. There are always awkward conversations like: ‘Oh, you’ve actually grown this much since I last seen you’ and ‘Do you have a boyfriend yet?’ It’s great.”

  • Riley Brenton, 11

“I go to my aunt’s house in Terre Haute and we eat turkey and stuffing and everything else.”

  • Evan Reeder, 12

“Last Thanksgiving, my aunt actually gave us a gift and when we opened it, it was like little baby pacifier, that was actually how she told us she was pregnant.”

  • Sonia Patel, 12











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