Slideshow: Avon Hosts First Winter Dance

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By Tara Martin | Social Media Editor

For upperclassmen there was Prom. Freshmen had the cookout. Everybody was welcome at homecoming. However, there was no traditional high school dance for all students at Avon. That was until the “Winter Wonderland”-themed Winter Semi-Formal.

The dance took place in the field house at Avon High School on Dec. 1. Tickets were sold to students in the weeks prior for $20 each, less than half the price of last year’s prom ticket. 

Sophomore and student government member Sophia Garcia said that the dance was first proposed at student government’s summer retreat after a positive response from last year’s informal homecoming dance.

“After we had discussed more for homecoming, we realized we didn’t have enough time to adequately [plan] a successful dance,” Garcia said.

After the homecoming dance was eliminated, the idea of a winter formal was bounced around.

“We decided on a semi-formal just so girls didn’t have to wear long dresses and so that boys didn’t have to show up in tuxes,” Garcia said. “We still wanted to give everybody an opportunity to have that dance experience before they are a junior.”

Garcia said that there were some issues with only having Prom. While Prom is always a night to remember, it is much later in the year and only available to upperclassmen.

“I feel like [the Winter Formal] gives the classic high school dance experience that Avon doesn’t give anyone at all,” Garcia said. “This gives us a ‘Sixteen Candles’ kind of dance that you see in every single teenage movie ever.”

Sophomore AJ Bane said that he decided to come to the dance to try something new.

“This is actually pretty fun. It’s cooler than I expected; the lights, the music, how many people came,” Bane said. “It’s better than I expected.”

Photos by Tara Martin

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