Zoe Frossard Receives Softball Scholarship from Ball State

Laura Ryle | Reporter

Outfield player for the varsity softball team, junior Zoe Frossard received and accepted a scholarship offer from Ball State University, a chance Frossard said she has dreamed about since being a little kid.

Frossard said that the athletic scholarship was offered during her campus visit to Ball State in Sept. of 2018.

“I started really getting serious with softball around my freshmen year and knew I wanted to play at the next level. So, I started going to camps and reaching out to coaches,” Frossard said.

After attending a softball camp hosted by Ball State University, scouters from Ball State began watching Frossard’s games.

“On Sept. 1, they called me and told me they wanted me come on a visit,” Frossard said. “During my visit, I got an offer and my first reaction was to accept it.”

Frossard said that she accepted the scholarship because she had already seen herself attending Ball State University prior to the offer .

“I had already seen myself attending Ball State University before the offer because of their education program,” Frossard said. “I plan on double majoring in elementary and special education.”

Besides envisioning herself at Ball State University, Frossard said that she knows this chance to play collegiately will positively affect her in many ways.

“This scholarship will impact my life due to the fact that I can help save my parents money, all while building a career and playing the sport I love,” Frossard said.

Photo submitted by Zoe Frossard

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