Avon Students Lead Juice WRLD Memorial in Seventh Period

Morgan Jones | Web Managing Editor

On Dec. 8, Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known professionally as Juice WRLD, suffered a fatal seizure at the Chicago Midway Airport. Today, on Friday, Dec. 13, students organized a memorial via Instagram to take place at the beginning of seventh period. In attendance were juniors Kyle Morgan and James Porzio.

Porzio described the experience as ‘euphoric’ and ‘otherworldly’. According to Porzio, around 40 boys occupied the upstairs b-hall men’s restroom to honor the rapper.

“To me, Juice WRLD was kind of like a father figure,” Porzio said. “He was kind of like an idol to me, and it was just really sad to see him go. Obviously, I had to attend to show my respect.”

Morgan reflected on the legacy that Higgins left behind.

“I think he was the big leader in the rap and Soundcloud rap and among youth,” Morgan said. “He was definitely a leader, and he made his own genre. I think he touched lives everywhere.”

At 2:15 p.m., administrators put an end to the student-led service.

“The reason we got busted was because there were so many people,” Morgan said.

Despite the short-lived remembrance of Higgins, Porzio said the act will be long remembered by those who participated.

“His memory now lives on within the students at Avon High School,” Porzio said.

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