Chemical Hearts Film Review

McKensie Kappel | Reporter

Chemical Hearts is a coming-of-age movie based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. It stars Austin Abrams (Euphoria) as Henry Page and Lilli Reinhart (Riverdale) as Grace Towns. It follows Henry and Grace as they work together as co-editors-in-chief for their school newspaper and as they fall in love. Henry is the awkward yet relatable unpopular student who wants to be a writer, but feels that nothing exciting has ever happened to him. Grace is the new transfer student at school, who sticks out due to the cane she walks with. Grace’s mysterious backstory is tragic and heartbreaking. She is unfriendly, rude and dismisses Henry’s romantic advances at first as they appear as polar opposites. While the movie was a little cliché, especially through the dialogue between the characters, Reinhart’s portrayal of Grace is astonishing as the emotions she portrayed felt real and she made Grace a character that the audience could empathize with. Chemical Hearts is a coming-of-age film with an ending that was classically happy, yet still felt realistic.

Only available in Amazon Prime.

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