Indoor Band and Guard Preview Their 2021 Shows

Zoe Benson| Reporter

Although the guard and band come together to form the marching band Avon is known for, these groups separate to have their own seasons in the winter.

Guard and show choir are similar in the aspect that they both have two different groups. The guard groups are: World Guard and A Guard.

World Guard’s show this year is all about the Star. The Star represents the Seniors and students from years past.

“Our show is all focused around a star and our seniors are the stars. It is a dedication to them this year,” Sophomore Jordan Marion said.

The A guard show is called Some Where In Time. Freshman Sarah Epperson said this show is meant for them to show off their skills.

“There are not any words in our song, so it is a showoff of what we can do,” Epperson said.

But things are always changing in this time because of COVID. Marion said that since new people are coming into world guard it is taking them time to get used to the level of work.

The band show, however, takes a different path. Sophomore Sam Gauger said that the band show is Stepping Through Dimensions.

“Since our show is stepping through dimensions, we have a tarp with a bunch of stairs moving in different directions,” Gauger said.

Gauger also said that the directors are creating their own music, which has yet to be released.

These groups will be competing in competitions around Indiana.

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