Debunking the Myth: Joppa, Indiana

Joseph Souza | Features Editor & Oliver Brobeck | Reporter Senior Madison Bruce sits in her orange Honda Element, too scared to even leave her car. Her friends, armed with golf clubs, venture out to investigate the edifice before them, but she makes sure one stays with her— there’s safety in numbers after all. Her friends return shortly after, swearing that they had heard something … Continue reading Debunking the Myth: Joppa, Indiana

The Making of a “Midnight in Paris”

Morgan Jones | Reporter Each year, the junior class officers are tasked with planning one of the biggest parts of the American high school experience: prom, a special evening for upperclassmen to make memories together as they near graduation. Current junior class officer Sophia Trinkle said that the planning process began with finding a charming theme that all attendees would enjoy. “We looked through a … Continue reading The Making of a “Midnight in Paris”