The Making of a “Midnight in Paris”

Morgan Jones | Reporter

Each year, the junior class officers are tasked with planning one of the biggest parts of the American high school experience: prom, a special evening for upperclassmen to make memories together as they near graduation.

Current junior class officer Sophia Trinkle said that the planning process began with finding a charming theme that all attendees would enjoy.

“We looked through a book of popular themes, and then had discussions about what the kids would like,” Trinkle said. “We narrowed down our top choices, and then we let the students make the final decision.”

According to junior officer Jasmine Susana, the chosen theme, “Midnight in Paris”, felt right from the get-go.

“Every single time we saw a group with a Paris theme in [the books], we thought it was so pretty,” Susana said. “It’s a very cliché theme, but I feel like it’s okay to be cliché because it’s prom.”

Susana said that she feels this year’s prom has a lot to offer to students in attendance.

“There’ll be a photo booth to take pictures just outside of the ballroom,” Susana said. “To be able to dance all night with your best friends to great music and [to] have a way to keep that memory tangible is a necessity for any dance, especially when it’s mainly upperclassman in attendance.”

Junior class officer Madison Bruce said she hopes that the dance will be one for the books.

“I feel like the people you are with [is] what creates the best memories,” Bruce said. “People put so much stress on having the “perfect prom”, but you really just need to relax and have fun with the people you love.”

Instead of going to Kings Island the following day as tradition entails, Susana plans to dive right back into her academics.

“The day after prom, some of my friends and I are planning on having a picnic instead of going to Kings Island, just because the following week is AP [exam] week,” Susana said.

The dance will be held at the JW Marriott White River Ballroom on Saturday, May 4, from 8p.m. to 11p.m.

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