AHS’ Student Government Hosts Carnival for a Cause

Elshadai Aberra | Social Media Editor

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Remember last year’s Avon Night Light? Well, forget about it. Student government decided to try something new this year: Carnival for a Cause.

Avon’s student government teamed up with Hendrick’s Regional Health to host Carnival for a Cause on Saturday, April 27, with the cause being raising money for the HRH prenatal unit.

“The purpose of the carnival was to raise money for the True View in HRH’s prenatal unit, which allows parents to watch their [prenatal babies] through a camera, I think 24/7,” said sophomore class officer, Yohannes Leben.

Student government’s original plan was to host Carnival for a Cause at the YMCA, yet do to foul weather the event was held in AHS’ very own field house. Despite this minor inconvenience, the event was still successful in raising money for its’ cause and ran smoothly.

“We expected [the event] to be at the YMCA, but it was okay moving it into the field house,” said Leben.

While the carnival’s purpose was to raise money for a serious issue, the event itself was quite an enjoyable time according to sophomore French club member, Anjani Dent.

“I thought it was really fun. It was a good atmosphere and all the people at the other booths were very nice and I had a good time talking to my friends and people that came to our booth,” said Dent.

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