On the Big Screen, or The Small Screen?

By Owen Zuranski | Reporter “Any movie is better in a theater,” according to junior Will Moad. He watches movies “once every one to two months – not very often.” Not very often indeed. However, when he can find the time, he will prefer “the subs and the bases that make the action in movies way more immersive,” to that of the experience offered by the modern … Continue reading On the Big Screen, or The Small Screen?

Bored During Quarantine? Click Here. (Opinion)

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor As the world faces a global pandemic and people worldwide are stuck in quarantine, our population is subject to boredom. Nowadays, it is easy to find yourself sitting at home, dull and motionless, but fear not as The Echo has a list of different media you can check out while stuck at home. Music Albums Bazzi, Soul Searching: This album, … Continue reading Bored During Quarantine? Click Here. (Opinion)

All 22 MCU Movies Ranked

Elshadai Aberra and Tara Martin | Social Media Editor and Web Editor-in-Chief Methodology: A holistic grading scale was used where intrigue and seamlessness of the storyline was weighted the heaviest. Factors such as animation and production were considered but to a lesser degree. The Top Tier, 1-7: 1. Avengers: Endgame Reason for placement: This movie easily had the most debate around it’s placing. All in all, … Continue reading All 22 MCU Movies Ranked