Bored During Quarantine? Click Here. (Opinion)

Elshadai Aberra | Managing Editor

As the world faces a global pandemic and people worldwide are stuck in quarantine, our population is subject to boredom. Nowadays, it is easy to find yourself sitting at home, dull and motionless, but fear not as The Echo has a list of different media you can check out while stuck at home.

Music Albums

Bazzi, Soul Searching: This album, only consisting of 11 songs, comes with a sense of angst, hopelessness, and sincerity. Bazzi’s music enlightens more than your ears in this album as there is crystal clear emotion behind his ever so distinct voice and heart felt lyrics. This album brings a sense of affinity and comfort to its target audience, teenagers, as Bazzi blissfully sings of youth and fame at a young age and the hardships they both come with.



The Weeknd, After Hours: Abel Tefsaye’s new album follows the story of what seems to be a villain and how he deals with love and the loss of it. Tesfaye presents this story through a stream of pop, R&B, and a 70s’ vibe as his songs contain a refreshing mixture of classiness and modernism which is imaginably difficult to accomplish as an artist. If you’re looking for songs that will prompt you to dance alone in your room, this album may be the one for you. Also, to really understand the meaning behind his music, make sure to check out his short cinematic masterpieces, or excuse me, music videos on YouTube.

the weeknd


Megan Thee Stallion, SUGA: Serving as the most hype and energetic album on this list, SUGA drenches with a sense of pride and self-confidence. Though Megan Thee Stallion’s lyrics serve as a confirmation of her personal power and self-love, they also serve as an outlet for her audience to express their confidence whether they be at their emotional peak or an all-time low. If you’re ever feeling bored or dull, put SUGA on shuffle and you should instantly feel empowered. Also, keep in mind that Megan Thee Stallion is a rapper, so while you shouldn’t expect the pop or soft melodies you would find in Bazzi, Finneas, or The Weeknd’s music, you should still expect uplifting beats and empowering messages within this album.



FINNEAS, Blood Harmony: If there was one word to describe Blood Harmony, it would be beautiful. With the combination of the soft yet powerful instrumentals and Finneas’s gentle voice, the listener has no choice but to instantly feel calm. Blood Harmony represents both the ups and downs of love as Finneas sings passionately of both the devastation of heartbreak and the blissfulness of falling in love. If you are caught in a moment of stress or are feeling overwhelmed, any of the seven songs featured on this album should be quick to soothe you and admit you into a world of bliss.


TV Shows

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness: At a first glance, this true crime documentary appears as a series that supports animal rights and exposes the truth behind private zoos and animal trading, but it is so much more than that. This series, filmed from 2014 to early 2020, involves a presidential election, an incidental suicide, the euthanization of tigers, an alleged murder, and so much more, yet is somehow 100 percent real. Tiger King is intriguing to say the least, yet only accessible on Netflix, so check it out if you can.


Parks and Recreation: This satirical and vaguely political sitcom is set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana and follows the ridiculously absurd lives of the government workers in the town’s Parks and Recreation department. The plot surrounds the neurotic and extremely organized deputy director, Leslie Nope, as she fights for the construction of a local park. This show is most comparable to The Office as its stars, Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, et cetera, all bring a similar sense of realism within their comedic performances. If you’re looking for constant laughs and smiles with a hint of drama, definitely check out Parks and Rec.


Dear White People: As one of the more serious yet still comedic television shows on this list, Dear White People is used to educate and empower people of all races. One of the comedic drama’s shining qualities is its powerful willingness to explore the racial discussions society is too afraid or uncomfortable to have as the show is set in an Ivy League college and showcases the difficulties colored people face in a predominantly white society. From exposing the horror behind segregated dining halls to even blackface at college parties, this Netflix original is perfect for not only racial insight, but also a laugh.


The Umbrella Academy: This show is perfect for those into dystopians and comics as it surrounds the reunion of seven adopted siblings who, all but one, possess superpowers and are tasked with saving the world while also dealing with the death of their neglecting and emotionally abusive father. Sound a bit familiar to X-Men? Well, it is… but isn’t at the same time. With a robotic mother, a time traveling 58-year-old stuck in a 13-year-old’s body, and an ape as a butler, this show never fails to leave its audience on the edge of their seat. Intrigued? Make sure to check the Netflix original out for yourself.


Win it All: This film is honestly underrated when it comes to Netflix originals. Starring the hilarious Jake Johnson and Keegan-Michael Key as Eddie and Gene, the movie forces the audience to sympathize and root for a gambling addict that is “addicted to losing” which is imaginably difficult for a movie to accomplish. While parts of the movie can provoke anxiety as a viewer, in the end, the film is essentially a comedy, just like any movie Jake Johnson is in.


One Day: This movie is for the hopeless romantics. Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess’s performances in this film can both be described as tear jerking and, simply put, lovely. If you’re interested in the love story of the idealistic Emma Morley and playboy Dexter Mayhew, definitely check out this film. Love and romance can seriously complicate a best friendship and this film displays that seamlessly.


The Danish Girl: What was even more beautiful than the acting in this film was the true story it was portraying, the true story of the first person to ever receive reassignment surgery. Eddie Redmayne and costar Alicia Vikander’s performances as Lili and Gerda are nothing short of showstopping and heart touching in this film as they ever so wistfully invest the audience in their character’s lives. If you are looking to more than likely cry, gain insight, and be taken on a beautifully orchestrated emotional roller coaster, definitely watch The Danish Girl.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse: While yes, this movie is animated, no, it is not solely meant for kids. What’s great about this film is how far it treads from its fellow Spider-Man movies. While most follow the exact same story line with the same caucasian Peter Parker, Into the Spider Verse switches it up and focuses on Miles Morales, a new, riveting, and black Spider-Man. This movie is not only perfect for superhero fanatics, but also for people simply looking for a lighthearted coming of age movie to laugh at and enjoy whether it be as a child or even as an elderly person.


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