Do Students at AHS Believe in Ghosts?

Audrey Faletic | Reporter

Ever felt a chill In the Avon High School hallways? Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t you’re in the minority here at Avon High School.

With the help of over 150 Avon students, we found data and conducted interviews to get our story. Soryah Hart, a sophomore, says she has felt a ghost before when exploring the woods with her friends.

“They could be around when you get the shivers and stuff,” said Hart.

Though Hart said that she would “probably run away” if she saw a ghost, she doesn’t think they’re always bad.

“I mean if you’re bothering it then they could be bad. They could come back to haunt you. But if it was like family, or someone you’re close too, those ghosts are just there,” said Hart.

But what causes a ghost? Hart said that ghosts are people who still have a purpose when they die. Gabe Morgan, a Junior and another ghost believer, also had a say on what causes a ghost.

“If you’re not necessarily a good person, but not inhumanely bad than I don’t think you would go anywhere. You would just stay on Earth and watch over,” said Morgan.      

Morgan also believes gods, demons, and angels live in our world, and that there may be ghosts within our own Avon High School.

“There’s ghosts all around watching a lot of different things, because after life what else are you going to do other than watch people live?” said Morgan.

Morgan thinks that it’s impossible to prove to someone that ghosts are real, but he thinks they do exist and can even affect our lives.

Morgan said, “I think most ghosts help us in some way. If we’re going to do something wrong, I think they can influence our feelings.”

Despite what Hart and Morgan believe, another Avon Student, Precious Fulani, does not believe in ghosts.

“I don’t believe in something I can’t see,” Fulani said.

Fulani is a sophomore, and of those surveyed, she is among the 34% who are non-believers. The other 66% surveyed believed that ghosts exist.

To convince the 66% that ghosts are figments of the imagination Fulani said, “I would tell them to go to an abandoned warehouse and see if ghosts are real.”

Another Sophomore, Rachel Stowers, has Fulani’s back.

When asked about ghost-believers Stowers said, “they see stuff online and they say: hey, that looks real! And they believe it.”

Stowers describes these people as “gullible” and only gave one circumstance that could convince her of the existence of ghosts.

Stowers said, “If I saw a ghost with my own eyes that would change my mind, but I haven’t.”

So now it’s up to you to decide. Next time you get the shivers in the hallways, air conditioning… or ghost?



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