People of Color at Avon React to Critical Race Theory in School Curriculums

Morgan Armor | Web Co-Editor in Chief

With tension rising around the discussion of racial equality, some schools around the United States have began to work towards implementing Critical Race Theory courses into their curriculums. Here are some opinions from P.O.C students at Avon on the situation.

“I think it is very important and should be taught in schools. Students need to know about what is going on around them.” 

  • Demarius Baker, Senior  

“I really think it should be taught at Avon. I see so much racism at school and people do not even realize the impact that it has. There is much more to race than just slurs and slavery. Students learning these things in school would help them grow up to be respectful and create a safe space for people of color.” 

  • Abigail Vidal-Leal, Freshman  

“It is necessary because people need to learn about the intersections of race and prevent the spread of ignorance.” 

  • Jordan Denagall, Senior 

“Not teaching CRT in schools is the equivalent of hiding our nations’ racist history that has left lasting marks on our world. Non-P.O.C wouldn’t know the complicated ways that CRT has shaped our public policies compared to P.O.C who live with the remnants of these prejudiced systems.” 

  • Urleen Thind, Senior 

“I know AHS offers an ethnic studies class, but just by taking a semester of that class and being in the MSA club, I think it should be required. It just needs to be taught correctly. A lot of the student body can not only gain knowledge, but it would allow them to feel more comfortable around other people of different races/ethnicities since some unfortunately aren’t.” 

  • Ayah Mahariq, Senior  

“I think it is an important topic that not only needs to be taught at Avon, but around the world because the only way to prevent injustice from repeating is by teaching the issues that they stemmed from.” 

  • Rashad Coleman, Senior 

“I definitely support critical race theory being taught in schools, as it allows people to understand our history and how we can move forward as a country. Allowing students to have this type of education in schools will make for a better environment and overall understanding of people of all backgrounds. I think critical race theory should definitely be taught at Avon.” 

  • Faith Kipkulei, Senior 

“While racism and prejudice may arise from certain individual groups and people, our society as a whole does have subtle discrepancies regarding colorblind legislations that often leads to particular groups having an advantage. This group mostly being the Caucasian (white) American race. I believe that CRT can help elevate the standards of race neutrality, but nothing will cure downright racism. CRT should not be an entire class but taught alongside social and civic classes with some emphasis.” 

  • Ishaaq Isad, Senior  

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