Avon Students Share Opinions on Masks

Krishna Lathish | Web Co Editor-in-Chief

As Avon High School reacted to school administration reinstating masks, many had opinions on the place of masks in and out of the classroom. Here’s how students feel about masking up.

Why do or don’t you wear a mask?

“I’m not too worried of the effects of COVID on myself as well as the fact that I’m fully vaccinated. A mask tends to be annoying and I dislike the feeling of wearing one. I tend to be forgetful and forget masks anyways.”

“It depends where in public I’ll be going. I only wear a mask if it’s super crowded, but if there’s walking constantly and it puts distance between me and others, then I don’t wear one.”

“I don’t wear a mask in public because I don’t feel my health is threatened mainly due to my body already having antibodies from having COVID and the fact that I got the vaccine. I also don’t feel comfortable wearing masks and prefer to go without them.” 

“I wear a mask in public to protect myself and my family. If I get COVID, I don’t want my little brother to get it, because he is not old enough to get the vaccine.”

“I wear a mask in public to protect myself and others even though I am fully vaccinated. I do this because it will further protect me and it will help to keep others safe on the chance that I do get sick.”

“I choose to wear a mask in public even though I am vaccinated, it keeps everyone safe including myself.”

“I wear my mask in public because it has prevented me from getting sick in general over the past year and a half.”

Do you think that the vaccinated should wear masks?

“I think it’s a good idea to keep wearing masks since new discoveries and research on COVID is being conducted all the time. And you could still possibly get COVID while being vaccinated; the vaccine just lowers the risk of you getting it.”

“Yes. Although the vaccine is very effective, it is not proven 100%. You can still get COVID after the vaccine and even if you do not get it, you can pass it onto someone else. Masks usually don’t hurt anyone and if you can help it, then you should wear one to speed up the recovery of our situation!”

“No, I think it’s unnecessary, especially if they don’t want to.”

“The vaccines hasn’t been proven to be 100% effective against the Delta variant which spreads more rapidly and can be more harmful to our bodies. I think masks should be required to help protect ourselves and others around us.”

“I think until we get a larger percent of people vaccinated, then we shouldn’t have to wear masks. But since that’s going to take a while, we should keep it on for good measure.”

“I think if people have the vaccines then they shouldn’t have to wear masks because the main reason we have to wear masks is to protect the people who don’t wear the masks. And I guess there is exclusions for some reasons but the vaccinated shouldn’t have to wear masks because people won’t get a vaccine.”

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