Avon High School Gets An Instagram

Zoe Benson | Co Web Editor-in-Chief

We are Avon. We are One.

Recently, a couple of seniors here at Avon High School have created an Instagram account for Avon students. The account is @avonschoolbody. It was created by Cheaney Schoeff, Anna Bracey, Daniel Eck, Chris Kasozi, and Ella Shaffer.

Schoeff said that this page was started to get students to come to events that may not really be talked about a whole lot.

“We want to promote school spirit and actually have people come to our events and promote stuff that doesn’t have a lot of following,” said Schoeff.

Bracey also said that as an underclassman, she never really knew what was happening, so she wanted there to be a place for them to go and get information.

“When I was a freshman, I didn’t really know where to go for like themes, or how to get a schedule of what was going on, so I think that Instagram was just an easy way for underclassman to know more,” said Bracey.

The Instagram has been used to promote upcoming sports games along with shouting out clubs offered here and Avon along with how to be involved with them. They have also promoted other events happening around the school.

This page wasn’t created just to promote sports and events happening after school. The page was created to provide knowledge to students about what is happening around the school. Eck said that things like the activity fair will be posted.

“Anything about the school like the musical, schedule changes, or people that are committing to a college somewhere. Just stuff like that will be posted,” said Eck.

Kasozi said that they decided to create the account because they realized it would be up to them to do so.

“It was our senior year and if we didn’t do it then nobody else was going to, so it was us who had to start it,” said Kasozi.

Shaffer also said that they wanted to create another account for the student body other than the one on Twitter.

“Cheaney and I thought that we need more representation than just one social media account, so we decided that Instagram was a better way to get more information out,” said Shaffer. “Not a lot of people have Twitter.”

Schoeff said that he hopes that students will inherit the account like Oriole Army and keep it going.

“When it comes to events, it’s Oriole Army that organizes things with Student Government, but we are going to add a third branch and that’s going to be our branch,” said Schoeff.

Follow @avonschoolbody on Instagram.


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