AHS Theatre Department Takes On Legally Blonde

Zoe Benson | Co Web Editor-in-Chief

“She’s got the right to be legally blonde!”  

Avon High School’s theatre department will be putting on their production of Legally Blonde this year. Based on the 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon, this show takes the audience through Elle Woods’ experience at Harvard Law School while she tries to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner.   

The director, Mrs. Steckbeck said that she is excited to see the movie come to life on stage. 

“There’s a lot of one-off jokes from the movie that have now turned into a whole song. And so, to see it translated from a Reese Witherspoon movie to a modern-day musical will be pretty cool,” said Steckbeck. 

Junior Ava Lee was cast as the role of Elle Woods. Lee said that she joined the musical because she enjoyed watching “Search for the Next Elle Woods” on Youtube and said she is excited to learn the dances. 

“I am so excited to learn the choreography because the music is so fun and upbeat. And the dance breaks are iconic,” said Lee. 

Throughout the show Elle is aided by her sorority sisters or the Delta Nu girls. They help her stay positive through the hard times. Their names are Margot, Pilar, and Serena and they are played by seniors Dara Akinbola, Colleen Tiernan, and Mackenzie Bailey. 

“The Delta Nu girls are also the Greek chorus, and they are in Elle’s head as she moves through the entire story. They also help her make decisions along the way,” said Akinbola 

During Elle’s time at Harvard Law School, she meets Emmett who is the teacher’s assistant for her Law 101 class with Professor Callahan. Senior Cooper Trigg will be playing Callahan and senior Ian Brooks will be playing Emmett. 

“Callahan is the antagonist of the story. He gives Elle the internship and he ends up trying to kiss her which causes him to fire her,” said Trigg. 

As some may not know, Dr. Willis and Mrs. Rodkey have been cast in the show. Willis and Rodkey will be playing the roles of Elle’s parents. Rodkey said that she joined the musical because she is big supporter of the program. 

“I just love theatre. I am really not an actor, so this is a bit of a stretch for me, but I enjoy going to watch theatre,” said Rodkey. 

Steckbeck said that this show is sending the message that you should always be yourself. 

“It’s about believing in yourself regardless of stereotypes and that you don’t need someone else’s approval to be successful,” said Steckbeck. 

On Sept. 29th, there is a preview for teachers. The show will run from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd.

Rodkey said that she hopes the involvement of administrators will bring in students normally not involved in theatre. 

“I think we may have some audience members come that traditionally wouldn’t come to theatre, so I’m excited that maybe this will spark interest in people to be more supportive of theatre,” said Rodkey. 

Akinbola said that she is excited to put the acting and music together and that the show will send a good message to its audience. 

“You should always follow your dreams even when people tell you not to and you should never follow a boy to college,” said Akinbola. 

These students are practicing and learning choreography for the show

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