Hearing-Impaired Student Excels at Singing, Makes It Through Third Round of Auditions on ‘The Voice’

By Claire Rightley // Editor-in-Chief

For junior Jadah Coursey, day-to-day life isn’t as easy as it is for most.

Her hearing ability was affected by her lack of a small bone in the back of her skull.

“I have moderate to severe hearing loss, so basically, I’m bad at hearing things,” Coursey said.

However, Coursey doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing her passion: music.

“I love music so much, and it means so much to me, and of course I have challenges when it comes to music, but music vibrates and I have learned and taught myself to differentiate vibrations from different pitches.”

She is in the Chamber Singers Choir, the advanced mixed choir here at AHS, and her hearing loss can affect how the choir sounds to her.

“A lot of my hearing loss is upper range, so I struggle hearing women, especially women with high voices, so the soprano section, I can’t hear like half of what they do, so I got kind of lucky because I’m an alto.”

She even auditioned for the TV show “The Voice” and has made it through three rounds of auditions. She’s currently waiting to see if she makes it through another.

“’The Voice’ so far has taken me so many places. It’s taken me everywhere pretty much. It’s amazing. It’s a wonderful experience, so I’m glad that even if I don’t make it on the show.”

She currently performs local gigs at restaurants.

“That’s my job, and I love it. Hopefully people will one day look up to me for overcoming all the obstacles to be able to be a successful musician.”

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