Senior Robby Buetow Creates Comedic SRT-Themed Instagram

By Sydney Johnson // Reporter

Student Resource Time. A time for homework, help, and… Instagram?

Senior Robby Buetow creates hilarious weekly content on his account, @robbyinSRT, for students to look forward to. The Instagram account features photos of Buetow’s crazy antics and is known by students throughout AHS.

“It started out as kind of a joke,” Buetow said. “it still is kind of a joke, of just pictures of me in SRT,”

Since freshman year, Buetow and his friends have built up a reputation for the social media account, from incoperating SRT teachers as “hosts,” to producing “Robby in SRT-shirts.”

“Get your name out there. Advertise yourself. Don’t be afraid to be dumb,” Buetow said. “I’m dumb about 24/7.”

Beutow has even faced challenges during his social media career.

“Service in the school is sometimes spotty. That’s difficult,” said Buetow.

In all seriousness, there was a time when the appropriateness of posting during designated work time was questioned.

According to Buetow, a school-wide meeting about the misuse of social media his sophomore year caused his posts to temporarily cease. However, he soon was allowed to resume his routine of doing “anything for a laugh.”

“If you’re working super hard with no breaks all the time, then you’re not going to do that great,” said Buetow. “So when I get to do @robbyinSRT, it’s a time where I get to be chill and relaxed, just having a good time with some buddies.”

Although the post-high school plans for @robbyinSRT are unclear, the message of the madness remains.

“I can show everybody, ‘Hey we can have a good time and be in school,’” said Buetow.

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