Newly Formed Girls’ Lacrosse Team Wins First-Ever Home Game

By Jakob Gates| Reporter

The girls’ lacrosse team won its first-ever home game at Avon High School, beating Cathedral High School in a 13 to 10 shootout on April 22.

“It was really exciting,” sophomore captain Lauren Kirchhoff said. “They’re a really good team.”

Kirchhoff scored five goals in the match. In addition, sophomore Gretta Mesarosh found the back of the net seven times, and sophomore Morgan Strahm scored once.

“Whenever you see a weakness from the other team, you have to use that to your advantage,” Mesarosh said. “When Lauren and I would have fast breaks, their defense did not want to ‘crash’ or get in front of us to stop us.”

Mesarosh added that it was a team effort; she credited the defense with keeping Cathedral’s offense in check.

“Our team also just worked very well together as a whole,” Mesarosh said, “and without our strong defense and goalie on the other side, their team could have scored so much more.”

Strahm said she was excited to make an impact in the attacking half of the field.

“I felt really good because that was one of the first times I was put on offense, and I scored when I did it too,” Strahm said.

Strahm said that trying to recruit girls to the team at the beginning of the season was a tough task.

“A lot of people that I talked to made it sound like they were interested but then they never showed up to anything and they never actually played,” Strahm said.

Kirchhoff agreed, saying that because lacrosse is a relatively niche sport, it was hard to spread the word about the new girls’ team.

“A lot of people haven’t heard of lacrosse, so [it was hard] trying to get it out there,” Kirchhoff said.

A strength of the team in recruiting was that some of the girls had played lacrosse for other clubs before the Avon girls’ team was formed.

“There are five of us that played for Brownsburg last year,” Strahm said.

Both girls said the team looks to continue their momentum onto their next few games in the coming days.

“Tomorrow we play Brownsburg [and] Wednesday in Noblesville,” Kirchhoff said.

Illustration by Haeleigh Hayden | Reporter

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