Underclassmen at Prom: Right or Wrong?

By Brannigan Watson| Reporter

As most people may know the Avon High School Prom will take place on May 13th, 2017. The event will be given a Vegas theme. Prom is dedicated to the Juniors and Seniors, but many underclassmen attend with an upperclassman who purchases their ticket. Upperclassmen are allowed to only purchase a ticket for one underclassmen. The Echo decided to find out how a few students at Avon High School feel about underclassmen attending the event.

Junior Ryan King said that underclassmen should be able to experience prom just like their upperclassmen peers so nobody is left alone.

“I feel that underclassmen should be able to go because many times an upperclassman is dating an underclassman and prom is really hard to make meaningful when you go alone,” King said.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health conducted a study that says that 58 percent of high school relationships are made up of students in different grade levels, supporting King’s statement.

Freshman Kenzie Sanders said that prom night is not for underclassmen and should be left to the upperclassmen.

“I don’t think [underclassmen] should go because prom is the one thing [upperclassmen] get to themselves without having to help, be bothered by or control underclassmen,” Sanders said.

King said he is appreciative of the opportunity to have a night dedicated to the Junior and Senior classes but would not want to go alone.

“The recognition of being older is nice and it feels great to have an event revolved around upperclassmen, but without people to go with prom loses its meaning,” King said.

Junior Mackenzie Hornaday said that overall going to prom is a great opportunity for underclassmen even though the event is not catered to them.

“I think it is great for [underclassmen] to experience [prom] as a freshman or sophomore. Although, it is supposed to be for juniors and seniors, I think it is a good thing that they are able to go,” Hornaday said.

Illustration by Emily Parsons| Reporter

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