Freshmen Share Their First Impressions of AHS

By Brooke Beaman | Managing Editor

As the start of the school year comes around, in comes many, many new students. Nearly 800 strong, the freshman class has to adjust to the new environment of Avon High School. With the first full week of school finished, here are some freshmen’s thoughts of AHS.

Did your expectations of high school match up to what you thought it would be like?

Elshadai Aberra: “Not really, I thought that I would get lost, but it’s been okay. I thought that it would be really hard and difficult, but it’s been easier than I thought it would be. I was really excited because you see in movies that there are a bunch of fights and stuff, but nothing has happened.”

Claire Dana: “It’s easier than I thought it would be. The classes are about what I expected them to be. It’s not as difficult navigating through the hallways as I thought it would be. You have plenty of time to get to your classes. I thought I would have to learn to take notes on my own and stuff, but that hasn’t happened. That might come later though. [My teachers] said that it would be a lot harder and that there would be more pressure to do well.”

Will Cunningham: “You know, I thought it would be harder, but it’s really easy. [My teachers] said it would be harder, based on having to do notes on your own. That hasn’t happened, I’ve only had guided notes.”

Nuhamin Demeku: “I thought it would be really easy to get lost and I thought it would be more dramatic and stressful, but everything has been pretty easy. The homework load isn’t a lot, and you don’t get as many tests and such as I thought it’d be.”

What was your first impression of AHS?

Summer Ban: “I thought it was really big. I was scared to go to all my classes. My teachers were really nice. I was just really scared of stuff like exams.”

Kylee Beck: “I was really big and hard to get around. It’s just kinda easy now. [The upperclassmen] are nice. They’ll show you around if you ask. They don’t shove you in the hallways.”

Kendal Bettis: “It was big, and I was nervous of people being really mean. It turned out to be awesome.”

Khalani Armstrong: “It was intimidating because it was hard to get to classes because of all the people.”

What is the best and worst thing about high school so far?

Kila Johnson: “The best [thing] is the mentors. They help a lot. The worst thing is the homework. It’s really hard. I don’t have a lot, but some of it’s hard, and sometimes, the teachers don’t explain it that well.”

Jackson Lee: “The best thing is that we have more freedom compared to middle school. The worst thing is the block schedule. I can’t sit still for an hour.”

Andrew Kelly: “The best thing is that you have more freedom. There is much more space to do things, and the teachers are actually really helpful here. The worst thing, I’d have to say, is still getting used to the schedule.”

Ethan Larson: “I think the best thing so far are the teachers. They have been really nice and have explained things really effectively and helped us understand the curriculum. They’ve also helped getting us moving into school. The worst thing I thing is figuring out the schedules. High school is a big change from middle school.”

Whether you found high school intimidating or exciting, the Avon Echo staff wishes the class of 2021 a great freshman year and years to come.


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