Senior Emily Keith Takes Title of Distinguished Young Woman of Avon

By Claire Rightley | Editor-in-Chief

After two months of volunteering and preparing for Distinguished Young Women, nine Avon senior girls competed on Saturday, July 30 for the title of DYW of Avon and for over $10,000 of scholarship money. The girls were judged in five categories worth different amounts: scholastics (25%), interview (25%), talent (20%), self-expression (15%) and fitness (15%). On Saturday, Avon graduate Cassy Stall passed her title of DYW of Avon to senior Emily Keith, who was one of the two winners in the categories of interview and talent.

How did you hear about the program?

Keith: I first heard of DYW from Cassy Stall, the DYW of 2017. She brought it up to me in AP Psychology class last year.

What was your experience like in the program?

K: I had an incredible experience. I was blessed with so many friendships and connections through this program.

What was your reaction when you won?

K: I was completely shocked when I won. The whole first few rows of close family and friends leapt onto their feet and were cheering, and I felt so appreciated and special. I still don’t quite know what to think.

What does being the Distinguished Young Woman of Avon mean?

K: Being the DYW of Avon holds many responsibilities. I will be speaking and volunteering around the community even more often because of my position that I now hold. I will have the honor of representing Avon at many local events and will continue on to compete at the state competition in February.

What was your favorite part of Distinguished Young Women?

K: My favorite part of the real show was talent because singing on stage is where I am most at home and comfortable. I love the thrill of standing alone on stage. However, the best moment not being judged was when I won and was surrounded in an enormous group hug with all of the girls.

What would you tell girls who are thinking about participating?

K: I would encourage anyone and everyone to join! There is only something to gain by participating. Solely being a competitor taught me so much and allowed me to form some unbreakable friendships. Now I can’t wait to continue my journey as the DYW Of Avon!

Photo submitted by Emily Keith


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