Gallery: Avon High School Holds Annual Student Activity Fair


By Emmagrace Brock | Reporter

Avon High School’s Student Activity Fair took place in the school gymnasium during SRT and lunches on Wednesday, August 16. All students were introduced to about 30 different clubs, teams and after school activities that are active at Avon High School. The clubs present were all diverse, but shared a common goal of growing their numbers.

Junior Tierney Harris, a member of the varsity Step Team says she loves her club. Harris enjoys the environment of her team and wants more people to join and know about it.

“My favorite thing about Step Team would have to be getting to learn who you are and be confident and brave,” Harris said.

Some students, like freshman Sara Sanders, are leaning towards clubs that reflect what they want to do in the future.

“I want to be in DECA because I’m interested in going into business when I’m older,” Sanders said.

Others, like freshman Sriya Koganti, want to join an activity solely because of interest.

“I’m interested in Academic Super Bowl because I like math,” Koganti said.

Other students already involved in clubs have found that they can make a lasting impact. Sophomore Don Rick Camacho said he found this in Eco Club.

“It’s a place where we make an impact on the environment. We do gardening and recycling at the high school,” Camacho said.

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