New Language Honors Societies Come to Avon High School

Tara Martin | Reporter

French Honor Society and Japanese Honor Society are both new to Avon High School this year. They will allow high-achievers to participate in language based activities outside of class. National Honor Society members are also awarded upon graduation for their performance and dedication to the language.

Senior and secretary of French Honor Society Julie Sercer said that it is focused on a passion for the foreign language.

“I love learning a new language. I love speaking it, I love learning the new vocab. I get excited at work when I meet someone who can speak it and I get to exercise those skills,” Sercer said. “I just think language is extremely important. I think it is important to be bi-lingual. Communication is key at success in life.”

Sercer said she was excited to be a part of French National Honor Society and that many new members were recruited in their initiation.

“We’re all about celebrating the language,” Sercer said. “We’re a group of people who all agree that French is amazing and we want to learn as much of the language as we can.”

Senior and President of Japanese Honor Society, Haowei Shi said that Japanese Honor Society began because club sponsor, Amanda Ramirez, wanted more opportunities for Japanese students to be involved in their community.

“We can organize activities to learn more about Japanese culture,” Shi said.

Ramirez said Japanese Honor Society was created to recognize high achievement in Japanese.

“It involves a community service oriented club to raise awareness of Japanese culture and language,” Ramirez said. “The goal is for the students that are recognized for their academic in Japanese to be able to work together to bring awareness of Japanese culture and language to the Hendricks County community.”

Ramirez said besides recognizing Japanese success, the honor society will also grant cords to students upon graduation.

“They’ll get cords for graduation and it’s something they can use for college applications and they can also join as a college student,” Ramirez said.

Shi said he began learning Japanese to better understand the Japanese culture and television shows.

“I am going to keep learning Japanese in college,” Shi said.

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