Swimming and Diving Team Looks Forward to Upcoming Season


By Savannah Abshire | Reporter

The Avon Orioles Swim and Dive team has splashed their way into the season. The girls’ team started their season on the 23rd of October with the boys following on the 6th of November.

The swimmers are excited for the high school season as they get to compete and represent Avon.

“I think the team is most excited to compete against the other schools and see how well we can do compared to them,” said senior Rylee Elder.

The boys and girls teams have been practicing hard on the offseason. Swim trains all year but when high school season comes around, the team is ready to work even harder for their school and team. They plan to go out and represent themselves and the school well.

“I swim both club and high school season. On club, you’re more swimming for yourself than your team, but with high school, it’s totally the opposite,” says sophomore Kaitlyn Sinclair.

The swimmers plan on keeping their titles as the Boys and Girls County and Sectional Champions. Hard work is not the only thing that will get them where they want to be. Team members say it is important to them that they share a close bond. They must be able to cheer each other on and score points as a team not as individuals. The team tries to go out with each other as much as possible, whether it’s breakfast or game night.

“I want the team to grow closer this year. We have gotten off to such a strong start with the team events and we all want to keep it up,” Sinclair said.

The team is in the water six days a week. They have two practices Monday through Thursday, one practice on Friday morning and one practice on Saturday morning. Three out of the ten practices they have workouts out of the water, which they call dryland.

Senior Hayden Czerwonky said that meets are a nice break.

“The best part of high school season is all the meets. They help us get rest and away from the monotony of practice, school, practice, sleep, and repeat,” Czerwonky says.

Through all these meets, practices and team goals they also have individual goals. Junior Jack Myers says he wants to qualify to swim at state.

“I would like to be on the medley relay for state but most importantly, I would like to be the best teammate possible,” Myers said.

Czerwonky, Sinclair, and Elder also have goals for themselves. Sinclair says she wants to “go a 24.38 in the 50 freestyle,” and Czerwonky said he wants to “get a new record.” Elder said she wants to “qualify for state.”

This season the team hopes to bring people out to the meets and have a larger student section in the crowd.

“People can expect to see our team working hard to maintain out place in the state,” said Czerwonky.

The swim team’s first meet of the season is on November 28 against Hamilton Southeastern at home at 6:00 PM.

Come out and support your Avon Orioles Swim and Dive team at the bird bath.

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