UNICEF Club Raises Money For Kids Around the World

By Nathan Miller | Reporter

Avon High School’s United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund club, or UNICEF club, hosted their first meeting of the semester, centered on human trafficking, on January 30th. UNICEF, in its first year at Avon High School, has already covered issues like the Rohingya in Myanmar, human trafficking and even had their members call Indiana representatives encouraging funding for UNICEF.

They have also raised hundreds of dollars for UNICEF from fundraisers like their henna booth at the homecoming tailgate or their bake sale during The Addams Family Musical.

“Our biggest activity so far has been the bake sale during the musical where we raised over 500 dollars. The bake sale was completely run by us officers and members. We had [members] donate goods and we had a giant baking party where we baked cookies,” said project manager Erin McLain.

But UNICEF isn’t only about fundraising, as it also focuses on education.

“The point of having a UNICEF club in the community is to raise awareness for things like human trafficking and basically advocate for kids. I’m trying to make students more aware of the world’s problems, problems that children all over the world face and also raise money for UNICEF so that we can actually make an impact,” said club president Sarah Nawar.

UNICEF has also had a significant effect on some students.

“Since UNICEF gives high schoolers a really great opportunity to expand their knowledge on world issues at such a young age, I think it’s a really important club and a really valuable resource for young people,” said junior Hannah Schafer.

UNICEF’s next fund raiser is in Mrs. Kozinski’s room, A111, on February 13th. They will be doing small henna designs costing between two and five dollars. 90 percent of the Valentine’s Day themed event’s proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

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